Funeral Services in Los Angeles, CA

Most of us are not prepared to plan a Funeral for a loved one. And so much of the information on this important subject fails to focus on what is most important: having a personalized, meaningful Funeral that helps the family process the death of a loved one.

"Pay a Tribute, Not a Fortune"
In order to help our families with both the Funeral Service and the Casket Cost, we offer a $2960.00 SPECIAL PACKAGE WITH THE CASKET INCLUDED. We offer a one day service, which can be modified to suit your individual needs. Our Package includes: Removal & Transportation from the place of death to our facility within 30 miles, experienced embalming with cosmetology, grooming, dressing and casketing. Also included are coordinating and directing services at a location of your choice or at our beautifully appointed chapel , register book, 100 prayer cards, thank you cards, pallbearer gloves and a crucifix if appropriate, a hearse and a flower van. Our 20 gauge casket comes in five colors: Copper, White, Silver, Blue and Orchid.